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Happy almost Mother’s Day to all my truly amazing, hardworking and oh-so busy Modern Mamas. It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a new episode from The Model Mama Show, but what a perfect occasion! I’m so excited to feature a Mama that is revolutionizing the importance of self-care and maternal wellness for Mamas everywhere!


This week’s FEATURE FRIDAY series highlights the incredible story of the one-and-only, Andrea Madril. She’s the Founder of Sunflower Motherhood, a new company shining light on the importance of self -care, preparedness, and healing for pregnancy, postpartum, Mommyhood and beyond. This super mama lives in sunny San Diego with her Hubby and newly one year old son, Miller. 

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The whole concept of Sunflower Motherhood came to her shortly after her son came into the world. After giving birth, she started researching and curating the best products for post-delivery healing. These products helped her so much, she was on a mission to share this with all her mama friends and from there her company has blossomed. She now creates beautiful pre and post-natal care packages for Mamas at all stages of Motherhood. I keep her, “Mama Pouch” in my purse always – and I love diving in for a little pick-me -up on those extra challenging days for a little self-love boost… (my favorite is the affirmation card and the energy roller). 

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 This mama will undoubtedly become your new go-to girl for all things recovery, self-care and mommy realness. I’m also dubbing her, “The Postpartum Care Expert.” She’s so honest, down-to-earth and hilarious about her transition to Motherhood and how she navigates her life as an entrepreneur and first time mama. I had way too much fun chatting with Andrea… tune in below for all her insights and positive perspective!


 WATCH OUR FULL INTERVIEW HERE. Kick your feet up, grab your notepad, pour yourself a glass of wine (come on, Mamas! It’s Friday) and join our real conversation about juggling it all: motherhood, the importance of self-care, being an entrepreneur , and how to enjoy the journey.


 Some of my FAVORITE takeaways from Andrea: 

+ Bringing awareness to Maternal Wellness

It’s time we make a Mother’s recovery and wellness a bigger part of newborn baby culture.
— Andrea

+ Making time for you, will make you a better Mama

When I wasn’t caring for myself and giving myself attention and love, I wasn’t being the best I wanted to be for my baby. Just like in anything, you can’t give something your best if you’re running on empty.
— Andrea

+ Asking for help doesn’t mean defeat

Asking for help is hard. At certain points I felt like it was admitting failure if I asked for help. Somebody tells you you’re going to be such a great mom, but you become a mom and you don’t feel like a great mom on certain days. Admitting that out loud and doing what would be best, which is asking for some help or some alone time, is a hard pill to swallow, especially when it’s brand new.
— Andrea
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