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Hi truly amazing Mamas! I hope you all had an incredible week. It’s Friday and you know what that means… a new episode of The Model Mama Show is now LIVE (woo hoo!). My FEAUTURE FRIDAY EXPERT series is back and I couldn’t be more excited to announce this week’s truly inspiring Mama, Renee Herlocker. She’s the Editor and Founder of one of my favorite blogs, Humble Hiccups, which seamlessly blends all things lifestyle, parenting, and travel.


Renee also happens to be an amazing friend. We instantly connected at a fun event in Los Angeles when we noticed our boys were the ones tackling each other on the lovely outdoor furniture… we were both like, um who’s kids are those haha. But in all honesty, don’t be intimated by her radiant beauty. This mama is as real and honest as ever and the title of her blog says it all. She’s the first to admit how humbling becoming a mama can be and she loves sharing her #reallife mama moments with her audience. 


This busy jetsetter is married to oh-so-talented singer, Kelley James, and they have two cuties: Camden (4) and Bowynn (3). Their adorable family travels the world to watch Kelley perform (and to be together!). She takes the term jetsetter to a whole new level – her son had literally been on 75 flights by the age of one. I mean, who better to write a blog post on How to Travel with an Infant!?!


Interestingly enough, this mega mama babe actually had a similar career path to me... Renee started her media career working in sports broadcasting for ESPN. With both of our sports backgrounds in check, we thought it would be fun to dive into a new topic on the show this week: introducing sports to your little ones (and some other fun activities to sign your busy babies up for this summer).



WATCH OUR FULL INTERVIEW HERE. Pull up a chair, kick your feet up, pour yourself a glass of rosé (because it’s Friday) and join our real conversation about juggling it all: how to pick the best sports for your littles and how to navigate Mommyhood


 Some of my FAVORITE takeaways from Renee:

+ Trust your instincts 

As a parent you have to go with your gut, and not put pressure on your kids to do what you want them to do.
— Renee

+ Make it fun!

Put your kids in everything and don’t get stuck in that box. They may love it and it could teach them a whole lot. You just want them to feel happy, be safe and in an environment where they’re having fun.
— Renee

+ You don’t need everything to travel.

When traveling with an infant, parents have a lot of anxiety and worry about all the stuff to bring. If you take a step back and give yourself plenty of time. Know that wherever you go isn’t probably not going to be remote so you can access diapers and things you forgot. You don’t have to bring everything.
— Renee

+ Happiness matters the most.

My number one tip is know it really isn’t about you, it’s about your child. Happiness is the number one thing.
— Renee

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